Glass Options


Because You Care About Art – We Care Enough to Use Conservation Glass

We offer:

Conservation Clear

99% UV protection protects your art from fading

Museum Glass

99% UV protection with amazing clarity

Conservation Reflection Control

99% UV protection with glare reduction

Our goal is your complete happiness when you pick up your framing project. That’s why we realize that choosing the right glass can “wow” you just as much as the choice of frame or mat.

When you finish a framing project with Museum Glass, you’ve got the clearest, best framing glass available.


In addition, we also offer:

Premium Clear 45% UV
Vision Perfectâ„¢ 45% UV
Reflection Control 45% UV (non-glare)

Premium Clear xxx

Vision Perfect specialty glass features a water white substrate combined with a micro-etched surface. Vision Perfect gives you the look of framed art without glass, while it maintains the brilliance of color without diffusing the sharpness, even when used with multiple mats. Creative Art & Framing is the area’s exclusive dealer of Vision Perfect Glass.

Reflection Control xx